At Agreus, we often stress the importance of exploring personality as part of the hiring process but what we also stress, is our opposition to the use of Personality Tests.

HBO recently televised a documentary, underpinning the dangerous side of Personality Testing with a particular focus on the Myers-Briggs 16 Personality Test.

The documentary homes in on the $2BN industry and how it is being used to promote discrimination and hinder mental health in the hiring process.

Its use as a screening tool has been put under the most scrutiny with critics claiming the test is a means for personal self-discovery and should not be exploited by corporations looking to mine data and discriminate against gender, ability or poor mental health.

The movement has even gained support from the Myers and Briggs Foundation itself supporting the sentiment and publicly stating its opposition to the tool being used for hiring purposes.

On the Myers and Briggs Foundation website, it is stated that “Although there are many useful applications of the MBTI Assessment in the workplace, there are ethical concerns in using it for hiring purposes. Please carefully consider this as you develop your program for employees.”

Echoing these thoughts is the Center for Applications of Psychological Type which states that “It is unethical and in many cases illegal to require job applicants to take the indicator if the results will be used to screen out applicants. The administrator should not counsel a person to or from a particular career.”

This is why Agreus does not agree with personality testing in the hiring process. In our opinion, Family Offices should undoubtedly explore personality in their hiring process but we do not under any circumstance advise that personality testing should be used to screen or reject candidates.

This is one reason why we focus on the colours.

The Insights Discovery four colour model provides an effective way of understanding your existing and future employees while ensuring you know how best to interact with them for an efficient and inclusive workplace culture. A workforce requires every colour. This model is not a way to screen or reject potential hires but rather a tool to enable you to learn how to embed them into your business.

Understanding personality is about simply understanding the characteristics, behaviours and cognitions of employees and using the best range of your own characteristics, behaviours and cognitions to create an efficient and effective culture.

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