Have you ever heard of a Hybrid Family Office?

We regularly debate where Family Office professionals should sit. Should they reside in-house within the Family Office or, outsourced within an external provider?

While some are strong believers in bringing everything in-house, others believe outsourcing works best but at Agreus we believe there is a win-win solution to be had which takes the form of a Hybrid Family Office.

This is the idea that the most efficient and effective Family Offices have a combination of in-house professionals and outsourced providers who work harmoniously to create a trusted inner and outer circle.

Download the guide to discover:

  • The benefits of a Hybrid Family Office
  • Tips on how to choose your outer circle
  • Where to start with building your inner circle
  • The percentage of Family Offices that think Trust Resources should be outsourced
  • The percentage of Family Offices that think they have the potential to keep all resources in-house
  • Why Investment Management Teams and Legal Counsel are best kept in-house, according to the experts
  • Post-Pandemic Trends in the world of Trust and Fiduciary

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