Family Office Compensation Benchmark, UK – 2018

To order our full report which covers basic salaries for a full range of roles within a family office and much more:

  • Basic Salaries and Average bonus pay-outs based on the previous 3 years for CEO, CIO, CFO, Legal Counsel and Investment/Portfolio Managers compared against the AUM of the Family Office
  • Average bonus payouts for the previous 3 years paid for all roles within a family office
  • Formulaic bonus offered in a family office
  • Benefits Packages offered at Family Offices
  • Asset classes Family Offices Invest in
  • Return on Investment that Family Office make
  • The average number of staff employed in a Family Office.
  • The number of years Family Offices have been operating for in the UK and where the families originate from.
  • Gender equality or the lack thereof, within a Family Office

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