Testimonial for UK Team Head Jeremy Green

We often get asked what makes a candidate successful in their application to the Family Office environment and while there are many contributing factors, longevity is key.

Family Offices appreciate loyalty and often like to think of their new employees as extended Family Members with a long-tenure ahead. As a result, Family Offices offer unparalleled progression opportunities and in turn offer the team at Agreus the chance to make truly long-lasting relationships with our network of candidates and watch them progress into clients.

Here is a recent testimonial from a candidate turned client in London.

“I approached Agreus for the first time some years ago when I was midway through employment at a Single Family Office. The firm was more of a boutique Asset Management practice with an aspect of Family Office and as a result, it was extremely secretive and quite a difficult working environment.

I reached out to Jeremy who heads up the UK team at Agreus and rather than offering to place me he offered me some frank advice: stick it out and wait.

“He suggested that if I wanted a career within the Family Office environment, I needed longevity and his advice was compelling enough for me to stay. After another year had passed, Jeremy kept his promise of finding me the perfect role where I now lead Finance for another Single Family Office.

“Agreus really shaped my career and when I was looking to recruit sometime later, Jeremy was the first person I called. I did consult other agencies when hiring and considered opting for an organisation which had more of a niche investment focus but ultimately Agreus was the right-fit, not just due to the trust I have in Jeremy from our former relationship but because we realised we didn’t want a great candidate that would leave in a year, we wanted an exceptional candidate who would be with us for life.

“Family Offices are all about longevity and Agreus are the only specialists I have ever come across in the space which focus on just that. I am thrilled with the decision we took to use Agreus because we now have yet another exceptional member to the team and we have Agreus to thank.”

Head of Finance
Single Family Office