“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

While in the world of recruitment, candidates are often primed and prepped ready to make the perfect first impression, rarely do clients receive the same treatment.

At Agreus, we believe the questions asked are even more important than those answered and to best prepare you for the interview, we have formulated a list of questions for you to ask your next prospective hire.

Focusing on culture fit and competencies, core values and challenges, we believe an interview is about determining whether the professional we present to you will fit into both the culture and dynamic of the Family Office.

It is a time to decide whether they share the values and aspirations of the Principal, explore shared interests and ascertain whether an alignment exists between the individual and the crucial Family Office principles of loyalty and confidentiality.

We like to treat qualifications and skillset as a given, meaning we will only ever present candidates who have both the on-paper requirements and competencies to fill the role.

We also exclusively search for candidates who mirror your ideals and aspirations but while hiring is hiring, the Family Office environment requires a personal connection with its employees in a way that no other industry understands.

There are typically no benchmarks, no typical working day, no same structure for any two Family Offices. They tend to work in small teams of less than 10, oversee extraordinary amounts of wealth and while offering autonomy and unparalleled life experiences, require an extremely unique individual.

All of the idiosyncrasies of Family Office life means finding your next employee is uniquely personal as well as professional and so when interviewing that prospective employee, you need to be equipped with the right questions to determine not just their capabilities but their character too.

The following categories and questions will not only help you find the right person but they will also help you eliminate the wrong hire – a vital part of the interview process that is often overlooked.

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