We are proud sponsors of the Global Family Office Conference, returning this June in a secret London location.

This event hosted by the Global Family Office Community is the most prestigious event in the Family Office calendar, attended by some 200 Family Members and Family Office professionals from across the world. The full-day event returning this June is also set to make history as the first official in-person Family Office event since 2019.

The 7th annual Global Family Office Conference will offer forums on everything from global economic trends and investment challenges to regulation, ESG and post-pandemic philanthropy. Agreus Co-Founder Paul Westall will also be introducing the topic of Executive Compensation and Bonuses.

There will be plenty of time for networking with likeminded individuals in a private setting under the Chatham House Rule.

If you are a Single Family Office, interested in attending this prestigious event, please complete the registration form on this page and if selected as an attendee, our Head of Communications Jacqueline Gordon will reach out with your booking confirmation.

For any questions, please contact Jacqueline on Jacquelineg@agreusgroup.com.

Register here