Chloe Walker is an Advisor at Agreus Group, specialising in placing Support and Operational Professionals into Single Family Offices across the world.

Flexible working, also known as flextime or flexitime, refers to non-traditional working arrangements that take into account an individual’s personal needs, often involving some degree of working from home.

Flexible working has been a buzzword in recruitment for as long as I can remember. It encompasses just about everything that falls outside of the traditional 9-5 working day be it shift work, a combination of core and adaptable hours or remote working.

With the latter now commonplace, have candidates become accustomed to flexible working and is it something that all Family Offices should now look to incorporate?

While the corporate world of work has gradually introduced the likes of lifestyle hours and rest days, Family Offices fall outside of corporate rule. At times Principals require companionship and ad-hoc help in their professional and personal lives, both of which often fall outside of the typical 9-5.

Despite this, Family Office professionals are seeking a work life balance more than they have ever done before with almost half of candidates now inquiring about flexible working within their new Family Offices.

Since Family Office hiring returned to pre-lockdown levels around six months ago, more than half of all candidates in the Support and Operational space have inquired about the possibility of flexible working.

With some balancing childcare behind closed school gates and others simply enjoying the ability to manage their personal and professional admin from the comfort of their own home, candidates across all levels are now seeking a more flexible working arrangement and I am keen to find out if you all feel the same way.

Has the coronavirus pandemic made you rethink the flexible working debate?