While everyone is talking about Diversity and Inclusion, not many understand what it means or how to include it in the hiring process. 

While it can seem complicated, we believe it should be as simple as hiring an exceptional professional who is representative of a different perspective and where possible, gender, culture, age or class.

While we think the process is really quite simple, we understand that it can feel quite overwhelming and so in order to help you achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce, we thought we would share our key considerations for the hiring process.

Download our short guide to Diversity in the Hiring Process to discover:

  • The difference between cultural fit hiring and mirror image hiring
  • How to write inclusive job descriptions
  • The difference between conscious and unconscious bias and how to eradicate both
  • Why meritocracy can be achieved alongside an inclusive recruitment process

Download your copy here but please reach out for a more tailored conversation about your hiring or diversity strategy.

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