Today marks 11 years since Paul Westall and Tayyab Mohamed joined forces to help Family Offices find the best talent globally.

Since May 2010, Agreus has helped Family Offices grow in every corner of the world and the changes experienced within that timeframe have been monumental.

2021 may have started five months ago but with a financial year upon us and our 12th year in full swing, Tayyab Mohamed says the Agreus year starts now.

He noted: “We are on a positive climb with coronavirus restrictions lifting, vaccinations reaching record levels and hiring reaching an all-time high. We are using this positive energy to fuel the year ahead and cannot wait to see what opportunities our 12th year brings.”

Paul Westall added: “Over the last decade, we have seen the Family Office landscape evolve from being a very personal business to becoming a much more structured environment with Family Offices becoming benchmarked and professional entities. It is a trend which seems to be on the rise globally and we feel beyond privileged to have helped Family Offices grow, in every corner of the world, across the last 11 years.”

Keep an eye out for our 11 years of Agreus timeline coming this week.