Who would you trust to manage your family fortune?

Leaders of any organisation have a pivotal role to play in its success but when it comes to Family Offices, where extraordinary wealth is met with politics, passion projects and philanthropy, Leaders have a much larger responsibility.

They are charged with preserving and generating wealth, dealing with multiple stakeholders and family members, identifying opportunity while decentralising risk and making decisions which carry a huge impact often with little scrutiny.

Of course with great responsibility comes great reward as we will explore in our compensation section but who is worthy of the top spot and how do Principals select their next leader, the person responsible for carrying the legacy of their family name?

As we often say, once you have seen one Family Office you have seen one Family Office which means when it comes to the ideal Family Office Leader, there may not be just one ideal.

In fact, as we will go onto explore, we think there are several different types of ‘ideal leader’ but as we also outline, there is an exact science to finding them.

In our upcoming report focused on leadership, we help you navigate your way to finding the Ideal Family Office Leader in line with the objectives and values of your own Family Office.

We explore the most common titles and the compensation attached, career trajectories to the top spot and the competencies, qualities and skill-sets needed to get there. We speak to the Principals who hire them, the former leaders who have excelled in the role and those in the position today to discuss hiring strategies, lessons learned and ultimately what makes a Family Office Leader, Ideal.

Get in touch for an early copy of the white paper, launching next week.