Yamauchi No.10 is the Family Office behind Nintendo and despite being less than 12 months old, it has already earned the attention of the world with its interactive gaming website.

While many of us know Family Offices as faceless organisations, wanting to stay entirely undiscoverable, the Nintendo Family Office led by Principal Banjo Yamauchi, aims to be mind-blowing.

The 28 year-old descendent of Founder Fasajiro Yamauchi and former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi, said he hopes to succeed both the fortune and philosophy of his late grandfather by doing things slightly differently but just how different are they?

Entering into the site displayed as a 1980s arcade game and you are met with Lego-like animations of the family, its history, values and mission statement.

A statement which reads “Seeking stability only clouds the soul.”

A promise to take risks, dare to leap and make an impact. Three characteristics overwhelmingly found within the next-generation. So, just how different is the Nintendo Family Office and what does it tell us about our upcoming leaders?

Banjo is a Millennial Leader managing more than $900M. He is not focused on doubling or tripling assets but being involved in projects and making a difference. Something the Family Office describes as making well-intentioned investments.

While both ESG and Impact Investing have been prominent in recent years, the Family Office takes this one step further by stating that assets without purpose are simply cold and lifeless cash.

Banjo and his new team of five promise to uphold the legacy of their founding family who built the Nintendo we all know today on their evolution of thought and expansion of their minds. With a focus on being bold, different and unafraid, is this a glimpse into the future of Family Offices?

According to our 2020 Intergenerational Leadership Report, 73% of next-gen leaders said they cared about making a social impact as much as they did a financial reward while more than 90% said they were keen to diversify their Family Office investment portfolio.

Next-gen leaders described themselves as having high integrity, being adaptable and truly innovative and these are just three of the core values displayed by Yamauchi No.10 on their new website.

In fact, the website reads: “Drawing inspiration from Hiroshi Yamauchi’s journey and achievement, we at Yamauchi No.10 Family Office are determined to create a society that encourages people to nurture their unique creativity, pioneering mindsets and passion, while making sure that we retain our foresight as well as understanding of users’ perspectives.”

With tomorrow’s leaders dedicated to being ground-breaking, compassionate and unpredictable, what might their Family Offices look like? Download our 2020 Intergenerational Leadership Report to read our predictions. 

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