Agreus Family Office Compensation Benchmark 2017

Receive a copy of our report today and learn more about compensation packages for employees of Family Offices. Employees of more than 250 Family Offices were surveyed.

  • Discover the average number of staff employed in a Family Office
  • Find out the AUM of Family Offices, what Asset Classes they invest in and how this effects the structure of the team
  • Learn more about remuneration packages in Family Offices.
  • Benchmark pay for employees in the most common roles.
  • Find out which types of bonuses are most common in Family Offices.
  • Review bonuses as a percentage of salary.
  • Understand which roles are likely to be incentivised with a formulaic bonus.
  • See a list of various methods used for calculating formulaic bonuses.
  • Compare the most common employee benefits for Family Offices.

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